Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

David is my boss/adopted dad's father and he is not doing very well. Tommorrow he will be having open heart surgery so Paul has gone to St. Paul Minnesota for the surgery. I really hope that everything goes well because David is a really nice man and a wonderful Dad and Grandfather. So if everyone will pray that his surgery goes well and Paul makes it home safe we her in Oklahoma would appreciate it. On top of that this weekend is the Daddy Daughter dance. If Paul does not make it back in time Mark has stepped in to be the back up to take Grace so she doesn't miss out on all of the fun. Grace just loves Mark but we really hope that Paul gets back in time but if not Mark is ready for the dancing fun.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas at Home

Our first Christmas was crazy, perfect, busy, whirlwind, and unforgettable. We were so busy between work, family plans, Christmas parties, and the Big 12 Championship. We opened most of our presents before we headed for Colorado. Mark did an amazing job on my presents and I did great too granted that Mark is so hard to shop

I got Mark the handheld Guitar Hero game...He doesn't look excited at all...
Mark filled my scrappin bag with all kinds of goodies!

Our beautiful tree with all of the wrapping stuff...

I always take pics of myself...just can't help. This was a Christmas to remember

Misfit Christmas

Now this Misfit family of ours sure knows how to throw a party with good food and always lots of fun. The kiddos keep us well entertained and the heart of the family is the crazy women who run it...

All Chandler wants is a new car....or a computer game...or an
My adopted parents Tammy and Paul with Gma hanging out on the couch.

Abbey and Gracie singing Christmas carols and Hannah Montana songs!

Patti and Dennis are so funny they always share that love seat. Old Habits die hard!

Gracie/Pippy Longstocking getting more and more and more make up...Aunt ReRe started it

Christmas in Dallas

This year we did Christmas with my Dad in early December since we would be in Colorado!

I can't stand this picture of me but my sister is growing up so fast and reminds me of me at that age. Isn't she just so beautiful.
This is Boo Boo Kitty my sister's baby!

Jamey and my Dad

Arin just love pink and was in love with her High School Musical dance game we got her.

Brenden having issues with my awesome Christmas paper.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tammy's Birthday

I almost completely forgot about these pictures. For Tammy's birthday we had dinner at Olive Garden and like usual there was the whole Misfit gang. It was a night we would never forget. First they gave our table away when we were right there. Then they gave as brand new waiters and they did not bring us salad and bread sticks. Then they ran out of lasagna, by the time we ordered we had been sitting down for over 30 min. Then the food did not come out forever. After Mark summoned the manager for the 2nd time and he had a discussion with my grandmother our entire dinner was taken care of by the restaurant.

Aww Gracie giving Mark smooches...
Grace just adores Mark.

Mama Maus and her two girls

Tammy and Rikki

Halloween 2008

Mark and I two-stepping to Airplanes. I was having so much fun being spun around the floor.

Jarred being silly with Megan.

Jarred showing off for the contest...too bad he didn't place.

My best friend Kari as the lady in the shower she won 2nd place. Gooooo Kari :)!

Yes I am the girl from Hairspray. Check out my hairdo!
We had so much fun and hanging out with our friends for Halloween. We started out at Tammy and Paul's house for their party and to get the kiddos ready for trick-or-treating. After that we met our friend's for the Halloween Party. Jarred dressed up as the guy from the Six Flags commercials and Megan went as herself. Kari dressed up as the lady in the shower. Mark was a Monk and I was the girl from Hairspray!